Clyr’s Hostaway Integration

Effortlessly snap pictures of receipts, and automatically align them with transactions and specific properties/owners, all while managing live property coding using your preferred credit cards and checking accounts. Boost efficiency and increase your margins using Clyr’s integration with Hostaway.

How does clyr works with Hostaway?

Clyr streamlines expense management for you and your team. Capture, code, and submit expenses on the move, and auto-match receipts to transactions to properties.

Effortless Owner Statements

Generating owner statements becomes a stress-free task. Clyr allows you to create detailed and accurate owner statements on the fly, and helps to maintain a transparent and trust-filled relationship with owners.

Automated Expense Tracking

Easily monitor property managers’ expenditures with Clyr’s automated system. Enforce stringent policies and gain an instant overview of all spending activities, simplifying the management process in the high-demand sector of short-term rentals.

Save Time

Automatically capture and match transactions with receipts. No more manual work. The best part? Keep using the cards you like: AMEX, Visa or Mastercard.

Precise Data

Benefit from Clyr’s seamless integration with Hostaway, a feature that eliminates the need for manual data entry entirely. This automation ensures that every piece of data is accurate and updated in real-time, enhancing transparency with property owners.

  • Capture receipts using email or your mobile phone camera. Clyr will use AI to automatically extract expense data such as date, merchant, and price, saving you the time and effort of manual expense entry. This allows you to match each expense to properties you manage in Hostaway.
  • Properties, tenants, and owners are synced in real-time into Clyr. This ensures that your Clyr account stays updated with the latest information from your Hostaway account.
  • Expenses on a per-property basis are synced from Clyr to Hostaway in real time. This ensures that your Hostaway account remains updated with the relevant information from your Clyr account and fully reconciled owner statements are always a click away.

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