Clyr’s Connecteam Integration

Effortlessly manage team expenses with Clyr’s integration for Connecteam. Snap pictures of receipts, automatically match them with projects or tasks, and simplify expense tracking. Our AI engine categorizes each transaction and streamlines bill tracking, approval workflows, and payments. Enhance your operational efficiency and increase margins with Clyr and Connecteam.

How does clyr works with Connecteam?

Clyr redefines expense management for your mobile workforce. Easily capture, code, and submit expenses on the go. Automatically match receipts to transactions, and instantly sync with tasks and projects in Connecteam.

Effortless Owner Statements

Simplify generating financial reports and statements. Clyr helps create detailed financial overviews effortlessly, fostering transparency and accountability within your team.

Automated Expense Tracking

Track and monitor your team’s expenditures efficiently with Clyr’s automated system. Set strict policies and get an instant overview of all spending, crucial for teams in dynamic fields like construction, cleaning services, and field operations.

Save Time

Automate the matching of transactions with receipts, eliminating manual effort. Continue using your preferred payment methods, whether it’s AMEX, Visa, or Mastercard.

Precise Data

Experience flawless integration with Connecteam, ensuring real-time, accurate data syncing. This eliminates manual data entry, enhancing accuracy and transparency in financial management.

  • Capture receipts via email or your mobile phone camera. Clyr’s AI automatically extracts key expense data, aligning it with Connecteam’s task and project management features.
  • Real-time syncing ensures that all data in Clyr is updated instantly with Connecteam’s schedule and task updates, maintaining consistency across platforms.
  • Property or project-specific expenses in Clyr are synchronized with Connecteam, offering a unified view of financials related to specific tasks or projects.

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